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Our hours of operation


Monday's       6am-9pm

Tuesday's      6am-9pm

Wednesday's 6am-9pm

Thursday's     6am-9pm

Friday's          6am-9pm

Saturday's     6pm-9pm

Sunday's       6am-9pm

Weekly events


Tuesday's (Fan the Flame) doors open at 5pm, event starts at 6:30-8pm

Wednesday's (Bible Study led by Thrive Church) doors open at 6:30pm, starts at 7-8:30pm

Thursday's  ("Feed the Need" led by Joy Simoncelli Veronesi) community meal at Trinity Church

Saturday's (Open Mic) first Saturday of every month, doors open at 6pm, starts at 7-10pm

(Regional Mens Breakfast) last Saturday morning of every month, doors open at 6:30, starts at 8-9:30am

(Regional Corporate Worship Event) last Saturday evening of every month, doors open at 6pm, starts at 7-9pm

Sunday's (Thrive Church) starting May 5th 9:30am-12pm

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